Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nearing the end

Well, the end is near. Last night, I attended a reception for the interns from the University of Connecticut's program, including for one of my fellow interns, Eric. Rep. Murphy spoke at the reception, and my entire office came out too. Chris spoke about his time as an intern in Senator Dodd's office in 1995, when our Chief of Staff, Josh, also interned with Dodd, something that they didn't know until two years ago when interviewing staff for the office. He spoke of how that internship inspired him to go into public service as a career, managing a congressional campaign against the woman he would beat ten years later, Nancy Johnson, and in two years, he was running for the State House. It was one of the few times which I have seen him speak about sort of personal issues, as opposed to a short floor speech about a given topic, such as health care, when we all know his position, and the gist of what he is going to say.

It was sad to say goodbye to Eric last night, though he is trying to get work on the Hill as a staffer somewhere, so we hope to stay in touch. I still have about two weeks, so I'll keep on blogging until the very end.

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